If you only have one store or many locations across the nation, AAFM Facility Maintenance should be your choice with responsive, money saving retail facilities maintenance.

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AAFM is an industry leader in solutions for national restaurant and multi-site facility needs. Through streamlining all preventative and reactive maintenance, we help free up your time to focus on your job at hand.

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Office facilities maintenance and operations encapsulates a large spectrum. AAFM’s professionalism, dedication, and knowledge of every aspect of the facilities maintenance industry makes us an asset to your growing business.

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We provide long-term value by operating government buildings at peak performance and optimizing the efficiency of mechanical and HVAC equipment.

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Turnkey Construction

With our nationwide reach, AAFM is the perfect solution for all of your construction needs. Whether your company is considering expanding your franchise into new regional markets...

General Contracting

From our HQ in Florida all the way to Alaska and Hawaii, we can assist your company with its construction needs no matter where you are or how many different locations you may have...


If your business locations are dispersed over a wide geographic area it can often be difficult to efficiently maintain uniform operations across sites, but with AAFM’s state-of-the-art logistics system...


Whether you need solar panels installed, circuits replaced, or a complete rewiring of your company’s electrical system, it pays to go with the best. The quality of electrical work you receive...


you are considering retrofitting or relamping your business there is no better time than now. With new energy-efficient lighting features such as improved LED lights...


We are not only there for you during emergencies, we also do installations of water heaters, garbage disposals, faucets, and any other plumbing products. We can design a preventative...