Facility Maintenance: 4 Reasons to Keep Your Escalators Clean


You will spend less if you keep your escalator up to par.  Taking the unit apart and power washing it at a different location can help.  You must remove the steps so this means your traffic in your facility will have to be redirected.  Be sure to have a plan. 

Control Corrosion

Often your escalator will become oily, dirty, and greasy and this can become a big problem if preventative maintenance isn’t part of your game plan.  What can also happen is that the appearance of your escalator can end up wearing out earlier than it should for its actual age.  Losing the shine of your escalator can make your facility look much older.


Keeping your escalator clean will make the appearance your facility looking clean and kept in good standing.  Incidents with the surface are lessened when your facility maintenance company has a preventative maintenance plan.  One main cause of visitors not returning to a location is the cleanliness of the property.  Your handrails, risers, and steps are something that can change how a customer perceives your business.


Lawsuits are no fun.  To avoid lawsuits caused by surface incidents remove slippery or sticky materials that have compromised your escalators.  Maintenance before an incident is important in slip and fall accidents.  This will make your insurance companies and risk management team smile.

The Type of Cleaning Necessary for your Facility Escalators


Losing the luster of your handrails is a big sign that your escalators haven’t been serviced, let alone refurbished to keep your facility looking well taken care of.  Keeping your handrails maintained is also needed for safety reasons.  Stripping, resealing, and polishing can return them to looking new.

Step Lines

For safety reasons yellow lines are painted on every step of the escalator.  If these lines become faded, you might have an accident waiting to happen.  These guides are painted along the edges to reduce a hazard.  Movement of the steps can be hard for some people to see or focus on, so it is necessary that your lines are painted as a preventative measure.  First clean your escalator then repaint your lines.

Deep Cleaning Your Stairs

A big impression on customers of an establishment is the cleanliness of its escalators.  Your building could be perfect and clean on every other maintenance checklist, but it could be that your escalators do not look very safe and it can change your customer’s minds.  There is new technology that can clean escalators quicker than in the past to get your operations back on track quickly.

AAFM Facility Maintenance is here for all your facility needs.  Give us a call today to get a quote for a preventative plan of action or if you have a reactive maintenance need for your escalators.

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