Retail facility Maintenance

The main goal for the retail industry is to create customer experiences that not only lead to high sales volumes but also keeps them coming back.  Statistics show that a customer will not return to a retail location if the facility is not in top shape.  Customers do not always see what goes into making the customer experience the best you have to offer.  They aren’t meant to.  This is where hiring a facility maintenance company becomes one of the biggest assets to keeping your location at top performance.

Customers will not return to a store if the restrooms aren’t spotless, lighting is key when influencing the crowds, your HVAC system should never fail so routine and reactive service is a necessity, and parking lots should be well lit, so your shoppers feel safe while coming and going.  It takes the reliability of a great facility maintenance company to be on the front line when something needs to be taken care of.

Your guests to your location will not complain to you, they will just not return or even worse tell their friends that their shopping experience was sub-par.  There is nothing worse than a bad review.   This day and age reviews can make or break a business.  Let AAFM Facility Maintenance be your support team to helping you keep the location of your store it’s best so your products can shine. 


We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you never have to wait until the next business day to put in an order for repair or routine maintenance of anything your location needs.  Give us a call today!

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