Save Your Business Money by Installing LED Lighting

Using LED Lighting for your business has numerous benefits.

Finding ways to lessen a businesses’ overhead costs is critical to ensure the company can maintain profitability. One of the most efficient and cost-effective methods to cut overhead costs is to find how your utilities can be reduced.

With 40% of a business’s electric bill coming from lighting costs, learning how to reduce your company’s electric needs can save your company valuable resources. By installing LED lighting, a business can cut the lighting portion of their electric bill by an estimated 40-90%.

Along with saving money on electric costs, not having to replace the LED light bulbs for another 10 to 20 years helps eliminate the need to constantly purchase replacements and reduce maintenance issues. If you’re still not convinced that using LED lighting can be extremely beneficial to your business, we’ve compiled our top reasons to install high efficiency light bulbs.

Benefits of Installing LED Lighting

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting uses the latest technological advances to produce energy-efficient lighting for home and offices.

In addition to reducing electric costs with little maintenance required, the benefits of installing LED lighting for your business is wide-ranging:

– Quality LED light bulbs don’t get hot which helps reduce the need to use air conditioning to cool the office building.

– By not requiring ballasts, LED lighting installation allows your business to cut down on maintenance costs by not having to replace a ballast.

– LED light bulbs are much easier to recycle than commonly used fluorescent tubes which contains harmful mercury and government regulations make recycling difficult.

– LED tubes can easily replace fluorescent tubes which are used in most commercial buildings.

– LED tubes last 3-5 times longer than traditional fluorescent tubes while also reducing energy needs by 50%.

– The variety of colors and illumination possibilities helps transform a dull office building into a vibrant and innovative setting.

– LED light bulbs can also emit light in a specific direction which reduces the need to rely on reflectors which can trap light.

Whether looking to enhance streetlights, parking garage lighting, walkways, or offices, using LED light bulbs helps increase efficiency in any office setting, while also maintaining safety standards.

When looking for lighting solutions for your business, upgrading to LED light bulbs provides the best value in terms of short-term and long-term savings for your business.

Upgrade to LED Light Bulbs Today

Before beginning the process of upgrading to LED light bulbs, it’s important to use the latest lighting fixtures designed for new LED light bulbs for maximum energy efficiency.

Installing replacement LED light bulbs to existing fixtures can be complicated, which is why All American Facilitiy Maintenance provides all the tools and resources to ensure your business is retrofitted to maximize high efficiency light bulbs.

As the LED lighting industry continues to evolve and produce more efficient lighting options, it’s important for your business to maintain a consistent level of innovation. Getting the best quality high efficiency light bulbs on the market ensures your business can utilize the latest technology to cut costs by reducing energy needs.

With so many benefits to replacing traditional lighting fixtures with high efficiency light bulbs, paying to replace and install new LED lighting will eventually pay for itself through lesser electric costs. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade to the next generation of LED lights today and watch your savings grow more and more each day.

To find the best LED lighting installation for your business,
Contact All American Facility Maintenance today to begin the energy savings process and start reaping the benefits immediately.

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