End of Summer Commercial HVAC Maintenance Tips

Conducting routine maintenance on your HVAC systems can go a long way to improving its efficiency.

The summer months present the perfect opportunity to perform HVAC maintenance to ensure optimal performance for superior indoor comfort. With dependence on HVAC systems the most critical during peak usage times, performing HVAC maintenance on your air conditioner or heating pump helps safeguard energy costs from large fluctuations.

To ensure peak performance this year and every subsequent year, we’ve compiled our top tips to keep your commercial HVAC equipment running as efficiently as possible.

Schedule a professional maintenance and building services appointment with AAFM

If you went the entire spring season without performing HVAC maintenance on your commercial unit, you should contact AAFM for your HVAC maintenance as soon as possible. Despite the arrival of the height of summer, there is still time to perform the HVAC maintenance needed.

By performing preventative maintenance, the experts in HVAC systems from AAFM can inspect your HVAC systems and make any necessary adjustments and perform repairs to ensure the system keeps running efficiently. The experts at AAFM will also take the time to check electrical connections, adjust controls, lubricate various parts, and tighten wobbly components to ensure peak performance.

Switch out air filters

Typically, air filters should be inspected at least once a month to determine if any dirt or dust has clogged the filter. If a dirty filter is clogged and causing efficiently problems, replacing the air filter is the best course of action.

Checking filters every two weeks becomes necessary when any commercial environment is exposed to large amounts of airborne particulates like fibers, pollen, dust or other small materials. You can perform the inspection by holding the air filters up to a light source to better see if you can still see through the filter. If it is dirty and not transparent, it’s time to change the filter.

Make sure the area around the outdoor unit is clear 

HVAC systems need proper airflow in order to function efficiently and any vegetation, dirt, or other materials surrounding the outdoor unit can severely restrict airflow. Lessening any tree limbs, hedges, bushes or other intrusive objects around the HVAC systems can help open up space and improve efficiency. Also, when cutting the grass around the HVAC systems, it’s vital to ensure the grass clippings don’t end up around the unit to prevent clogging.

Don’t neglect the indoor unit either

Along with cleaning and maintaining the area around the outdoor HVAC systems, making sure the indoor unit is inspected and clean is another important part of the building services. Any dust, dirt or any other potential containments should be eliminated from any area surrounding the inside HVAC system. Moving parts and other vital electrical components should also be inspected and cleaned to prevent any materials from clogging vents.

Inspect and clean condensate drain – HVAC systems are known for producing at least some moisture as part of the dehumidifying process. Ensuring that the condensate drain is clear of any blockages helps keep the water flowing freely.

Check the ductwork

The ductwork is critical to the performance of any commercial HVAC system. With the ductwork consisting of a series of pipes that carry cooled air from the HVAC system to the indoor areas, it’s essential to find and fix any damage to the ductwork.

Any ducts with damage can cause air leaks and decrease efficiency to the unit. Along with cleaning the ducts from any materials that could cause disruption to the building services, you should also ensure all duct sections are placed together seamlessly and all connections have properly sealed the material specially designed for ducts.

Install a programmable thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat to control your HVAC system should be one of your priorities during the summer’s HVAC maintenance.  By having total control over your HVAC systems, you can better control your energy usage to help limit energy bills during peak months.

AAFM’s goal is to help educate our customers about HVAC in Mechanical, Commercial, and or Residential settings. For more information on summer HVAC maintenance, visit our website at AAFMUSA.com or call 954-322-9909 or more information.

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