How to Find the Mold Removal Services for Your Business

Obtain complete mold removal services for your business with the help of All American Facility Maintenance.

Do you need mold removal services for your commercial building? Mold is an annoying problem that affects many structures and can be a dangerous health threat.

To protect your building’s environment from harmful mold, you will need professional mold removal services. And to ensure that your building is protected from future mold growth, you will need the services of a professional mold remediation company like All American Facility Maintenance.

Mold Removal Services

Mold is fungi that can exist both indoors and out, and species of mold can exceed tens of thousands. Environments that are conducive to mold growth are damp, warm, humid spaces where mold spores can easily reproduce and spread out.

Mold spores are hardy enough to survive even in the most inhospitable places, like arid environments that do not support mold growth. Some of the most common indoor molds are penicillium, aspergillus, cladosporium, and alternaria.

Mold can cause adverse health problems, especially for people with:
• Compromised respiratory systems
• On immune-suppressing drugs
• Receiving cancer treatment
• Had an organ, or stem cell transplant
• Babies and the elderly

Exposure to mold can cause infections, allergies, and asthma; and symptoms can include: fever, sneezing, red or itchy eyes or skin, headaches, dizziness, shortness of breath, swollen lymph nodes, nausea, digestive problems, yeast infections, coughing and sinus infections.

More severe symptoms are bronchitis, pneumonia, bleeding in the lungs, memory loss, cancer of the liver, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, Reyes syndrome, kidney failure, and chronic inflammatory response syndrome. Adverse symptoms of mold exposure can start off mild and eventually increase to moderate and severe symptoms.

Mold Remediation Company

If you have a mold problem in your commercial building, it is imperative that you have professional mold removal services performed by a mold remediation company. To protect your employees and guests, the mold must be professionally removed from your structure through a remediation process.

The mold remediation process should include:

• Determine where moisture exists
• Document the mold problem and devise a remediation plan
• Analyze the extent of the contamination
• Remediate the problem
• Inspect areas to determine if remediation was successful

All American Facility Maintenance is a leading mold remediation company in the U.S. Our mold removal services are guaranteed to extricate all existing mold and assist you in helping to prevent future mold growth.

Mold can destroy the materials that they are growing on, eventually costing you money in replacement costs. To avoid further mold infestation, it is important to control humidity and moisture in your building.

Your interior humidity should not exceed 50 percent, and it is recommended that your HVAC system provide air-conditioning or dehumidifier services to repel mold growth.

New construction practices have resulted in buildings that are tightly sealed, preventing adequate ventilation that can lead to moisture retention and mold growth.

Building materials, like drywall, can also prevent moisture from escaping properly. Other problems that can lead to mold growth include:

• Roof leaks
• Faulty landscaping or gutters that lead water into or under the building
• Delayed or insufficient maintenance
• Unvented combustion appliances

Here at All American Facility Maintenance, our experts provide professional mold removal services that will completely rid your building of mold and give you peace of mind.

Your building and work environment will be safe, and prevention measures can be put into place to repel future mold problems from developing.

For more information about our mold removal services, contact All American Facility Maintenance today at 855-347-1613.

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