Commercial LED Lighting Tips for Commercial Businesses

Converting commercial properties to LED Lighting has numerous advantages.

As the technology in commercial LED lighting continues to evolve, the advantages for businesses is growing tremendously. From more design flexibility to increased efficiency, commercial LED lighting has many benefits in our everyday lives.

At All American Facility Maintenance, we provide businesses with lighting solutions that help reduce costs while increasing energy efficiency.

Benefits of Commercial LED Lighting

To help enhance your commercial business, All American Facility Maintenance can design a comprehensive lighting installation and maintenance plan based on your business’s needs. The benefits of commercial LED lighting include:

-Cost: While using commercial LED lighting is initially more expensive than traditional lighting products, the ability for LED commercial lights to last longer and more efficiently enables more savings over the long haul.

Flexible Design: Thanks to a flexible design element, manufacturers of commercial LED lights are able to produce a wide variety of shapes and silhouettes to meet any design requirement businesses are interested in.

Coolness: By converting electricity to light, commercial LED lights don’t produce unnecessary heat buildup which helps keep electricity costs low.

Long-lasting: LED commercial lights don’t just stop working like traditional light bulbs. They slowly lose their brightness over their lifespan, so you’re never caught off guard when a replacement is needed.

-No Mercury: The manufacturing of commercial LED lighting involves no mercury whatsoever.

In addition to enhanced benefits for a commercial facility, installing commercial LED lights also produces benefits for the people working in the facility. The benefits include:

  • A more professionally lit environment that helps increase worker productivity.
  • Better control over how the lighting of the building is maintained.
  • LED commercial lights can also be used as art with LEDs that don’t produce any UV radiation.

New Technology Enhances Commercial LED Lights

Gone are the days of just replacing old light bulbs with new commercial led lights. With commercial led lights providing so many design options, there are numerous options to consider when converting a business to commercial LED lighting.

Additional features to consider include:

  1. Motion sensors
  2. Wi-fi connection
  3. Dimming ability
  4. Automatic timers
  5. Changing temperatures and colors

Although fluorescent lighting is more efficient than incandescent lighting, LED lights have proven to be the most energy-efficient solution to lowering lighting costs. Along with being made of glass tubes that can shatter, florescent lights do contain small amounts of mercury and are more difficult to recycle.

In addition to deciding between LED and fluorescent lighting, there are many questions that need answering before any businesses can truly enhance the efficiency of their lighting.

  1. How much space do you need lit?
  2. Are there areas needing extra light?
  3. What is the function of the business?
  4. When are employees located onsite?

While the initial costs to convert from traditional lamps to LED lights can be more expensive, businesses generally make up the savings in a couple of years due to the long-lasting and efficiency of LED lighting.

One of the drivers of LED pricing is the product’s components, which consist of circuit boards, drivers, and a rare-earth compound called yellow phosphor.

However, as the popularity of LED lights increases and the technology evolves, the affordability will ensure businesses will be able to profit from the conversion.

To help your business find the best return on investment when comes to converting to LED lighting, All American Facility Maintenance can identify the best opportunities for any commercial property or business.

For more information on commercial LED lighting tips, contact All American Facility Management at 855-347-1613 and start enhancing your energy efficiency today.

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