Tips to Finding the Best General Construction Contractor

Learn how to identify good general contractor services.

If you are looking for a good general construction contractor for your commercial property, there are a few things you need to look for. Just hiring anyone to do general contracting work can be a big mistake.

You want to ensure that whoever you hire has the skills, resources, and experience to do the job right from the beginning to end.

How to find the ideal general construction contractor

-General contractor services should be able to perform everything on your contracting list. Many general contracting companies may hire subcontractors to do specialty work like masonry, plumbing, roofing, etc.

It doesn’t matter who does the work required, as long as your general construction contractor oversees the work and is responsible for its proper completion on time and within budget.

-If you are working with an architect, ask them what general contracting firms they have worked with and who they would recommend for your project.

Your architect should know a good contractor that they would enjoy working with again. If you aren’t working with an architect, another good source of information is to ask family, friends, or business associates to recommend someone they have used.

-Interview contractors that you are interested in, to see if you can build up a good rapport with them. If they are pushy, not good listeners, or try to talk you into something you don’t want, they won’t be a good fit for you.

You will be spending a good amount of time with your general construction contractor, and you want someone who is easy to talk to and respects your input. You should also ask general contracting firms to show you examples of their work, such as a portfolio of work either in hard copy or online.

Importance of planning ahead

Have a plan prepared that outlines what you expect from the general contractor services, and be specific about details and materials to be used.

If you have a plan prepared before you meet with general contracting companies, you will be able to get a more exact estimate of costs.

Ask lots of questions, and when comparing general contractor services make sure each company is giving you the same work, using the same type of materials. Don’t be afraid to negotiate before you sign the contract.

Choose a general construction contractor who has experience in the type of project you want to be done. Also ask the contractor what work his employees will be performing, and what work will be done by subcontractors.

To ensure that you are getting the contractor’s employees, and not some hired hands off the street, ask the contractor for a list of names of employees who will be working on your project.

Ask the contractor for proof of his license and insurance, and also copies of subcontractor’s licenses and insurance. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau to find out if there have been any problems associated with a particular contractor.

Before signing your contract, make sure it details the general contractor services that will be performed, the materials used (including model numbers), the timeframe for the project, and the cost.

If your contractor hands you an insufficient contract, tell him you are going to add addendums or write your own contract. Make sure you detail everything before signing the contract so that you get everything you paid for.

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-Permitting Services

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-Flooring, Insulation, Carpentry, Masonry, Electrical, Painting and more.

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