The Benefits of Signage in Today’s Digital Era

Top Reasons Why You Should Not Overlook the Importance of Signage for Your Business  

Regardless of the type of industry you are in, signage should always be a critical part of your marketing plan. While taking time to improve your internet and social media presence for your company is important, there are multiple benefits of investing in an eye-catching sign to attract customers. Here are a few reasons why we think you should never overlook incorporating signage into your marketing plan.  

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Immediate attraction  

Although it is true that many customers today tend to do their shopping online, there is still an abundance of consumers that would rather go out and buy their products. Designing a sign to place outside the door of your store or in the window is an excellent way to attract these types of customers. A bright and vibrant sign is easily noticeable by a customer that is walking or driving past your store.  

One of the leading advantages of investing in signage for your business is that signs tend to pull in impulse buyers. For example, if you own a clothing store and your sign indicates that your store carries the latest brand names, a person walking buy may not necessarily need new clothes, however, the fact that they know that you carry brand names may pique their interest. Before you know it, your new customer is purchasing a new wardrobe. 


Part of running a business is learning how to generate sales while working around a budget. While there will always be costs associated with designing and generating your sign, once it is done it is yours. You can build your marketing plan around your signage. If you plan to run a semi-annual sale, you can create a sign displaying the terms of your sale and use it numerous times for years to come. When you implement this type of marketing strategy, you can expect to make back the money you invest in your sign with an influx of new customers in no time.  

Informational purposes  

If your business is new to the area, it is possible that potential customers may not be aware of the services that your company offers. Using a sign is an ideal way to not only let consumers know that you plan to make your mark in the community but also fills the consumer in on what your company does. If you are in the food industry, a sign that displays your company name with a variety of fruits, vegetables, and meats is a simple way to communicate the message of your business with people walking down the street. 

Turn to the Professionals  

The All American Facility Maintenance team has you covered on any of your signage needs. We coordinate with you to learn more about your business and develop a sign that not only accurately displays your message but is appealing to your customers.  

Give us a call today at (855) 347-1613 to talk about your signing options or for a free quote.  

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