Cleaning and Sanitizing Services for Your Business

The Importance of Cleaning and Sanitizing Services in the Age of Coronavirus  

The development of COVID-19 has clearly demonstrated the necessity to maintaining a normal cleaning schedule for your business. What many business owners don’t realize is how many areas around their office could be potentially contaminated with germs.  

The All American Facility Maintenance team works with you to design a plan to give your office a deep cleaning. We work with business from multiple industries to ensure that you and your employees remain protected from dangerous contaminates.  

What are Touch Points?  

The definition of a touch point is very straight forward. A touch point is any surface that you, other employees or customers may touch throughout the day. Examples of common touch points around your business or office include:  

  • Light switches  
  • Payment terminals  
  • Computer keyboards  
  • Refrigerated door handles  
  • Doorknobs/ door handles  
  • Toilet Seats  
  • Elevator buttons  
  • Tables and chairs  
  • Water fountains  
  • Toilet flush handles  
  • Cash registers  
  • Handrails  

How Do You Clean Touch Points?  

Our cleaning professionals use a series of EPA registered disinfectants to remove any trace of germs or bacteria from touch points. The list of EPA registered disinfectants that we incorporate into our cleaning services are:  

  • Clorox disinfecting wipes  
  • Clorox commercial solutions  
  • Lysol heavy-duty cleaner disinfectant concentrate  
  • Oxycide daily disinfectant cleaner 
  • Clorox disinfecting spray  
  • Peak disinfectant wipes 
  • Clorox multi-surface cleaner and bleach  
  • Peroxide multi-surface cleaner and disinfectant  
  • Klercide 70/30  
  • Peroxide disinfectant and glass cleaner  
  • Lonza formulation  
  • Purell professional surface disinfectant wipes 
  • Lysol clean and fresh multi-surface cleaner  
  • Sani-prime germicidal disposable wipes  
  • Lysol disinfectant max cover mist  
  • Sani-prime germicidal spray  

How Do I Arrange for A Cleaning Service?  

To take advantage of any of our cleaning service is to reach out to a member of our customer service staff. Our trained team can address any questions or concerns you have associated with touch points around your office or the type of disinfectants that we use. We will go over our cleaning options and arrange for a time for technician to come to your location.  

We realize that at this time you may be working on a tight budget. We encourage you to take advantage of our free quote option. You can learn more about our prices through us requesting a quote online or by speaking to a member of our staff. We do our best to work with any type of budget.  

AAFM – Your Cleaning Specialists

The All American Facility Maintenance team is here to help you with all aspects of cleaning and sanitizing your business. Remember, we can also assist you in keeping up with other maintenance services for your business including landscaping and other general construction needs. We are available around the clock, 365 days a year to cater to any of your needs. Whether you need information at two o’clock in the morning or you need to learn more about our services after a stressful day, we are here to help during these trying times.  

To learn more about our cleaning and sanitizing services, please call us (855) 347-1613.  

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