Custom Sneeze Guards and Cashier Shields

Why You Should Consider Installing Sneeze Guards and Cashier Shields  

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus is an event that has all but paralyzed “normal” business activities. While there are some companies that have been forced to shut down due to the virus, there are many other businesses that are considered essential including grocery stores and pharmacies. COVID-19 has put business owners in a situation where they need to find a way to keep their company running while still protecting the health and well-being of their employees.  

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Investing in sneeze guards or cashier shields is an excellent way to keep your employees safe and demonstrate your commitment to a healthy work environment.

Here are the he benefits of AAFM’s sneeze guards:

  • – Made in the USA
  • – Completely customizable – can be made to fit any spce
  • – Easy setup, no installation required
  • – They can be easily moved and repositioned as needed
  • – Ships fast to anywhere in the USA, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands
  • – Logo can be added

The professionals at All American Maintenance Facilities offers our customers a variety of options for these essential pieces. 

The Importance of Sneeze Guards and Cashier Shields  

One of the leading reasons why business owners are beginning to utilize sneeze guards in their office or store is because it helps to enhance the concept of social distancing. It’s often impossible to stay six feet away from a cashier. A cashier shield gives your employee an added layer of protection when interacting with a customer. Seeing the guard can also remind customers to take a step back while they are waiting for their cashier to finalize their purchase.  

Did you know that you can customize your sneeze guard with your company logo? Your design can be added anywhere on the shield guard to add a personal touch to the piece. We always recommend that if you opt to add your logo to the piece, you do so in one of the corners so that your customers can still communicate easily with your employees.  

A great advantage of installing a cashier shield is that they are easy to clean. Wiping down the shield will take little to no time. Your employees can quickly clean the surface of the shield multiple times throughout the day to ensure that their workspace remains germ free. If you have questions regarding the best type of cleaner to use, feel free to reach out to us.  

We Can Help Keep You and Your Team Safe  

The All American Maintenance Facility team understands the necessity of keeping your team safe during these trying times. We work with you to design a safety barrier conducive to our current social distancing era. Our sneeze guards and cashier shields do not require a technician to install it, however, if you run into any problems, a member of our staff is always happy to assist you.  

Keep in mind, we also offer our clients a variety of services that help to promote a healthy work environment. From deep cleaning to outdoor landscaping options, we have you covered in every way.  Are you working around a strict budget? We understand. Be sure to ask us for a free quote so you know the exact bottom line price for any project.  

Are you ready to find out more about our sneeze guards or cashier shields? Please call us at (855) 347-1613. Our team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to address any of your questions or concerns. We look forward to helping you and your company.  

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