How UV Light Disinfection Works

Important Information You Should Know About UV Light Disinfection

Business and homeowners are always on the look out for ways to keep their employees, friends and family safe from germs and bacteria. In light of the recent coronavirus outbreak over the last few months, making sure that all surfaces are properly disinfected has become more important than ever.

Over the last few weeks, more information has come out about using UV light to kill the coronavirus. While this news is certainly promising, did you know that UV light has been commonly used to slow or end the spread of other germs, bacteria or viruses?

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The facts

Did you know that UV light has been shown to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria? This form of disinfection also has the ability to kill mold spores as well as many viruses which substantially reduces the possibility of contamination and spread. In many ways, the UV light all but paralyzes the contaminants associated with the bacteria or the virus. When these particles are unable to reproduce, they ultimately die.

High tech solutions

We realize that many people want to take advantage of using a UV light on specific surfaces around their home or office. Our company supplies our customers with a variety of handheld UV lights that are ideal for disinfecting your phone, keyboard, door handle, tables or chairs.

The premise of using any one of these devices is easy. Simply turn it on and hold the device close to the surface that your want to disinfect. It only takes a few seconds of your time but provides you with the peace of mind of knowing that any unwanted germs in that area have been eliminated.

Of course, we realize that there are clients that may want an expanded version of a handheld light. In these cases, we encourage you to reach out to a member of our customer service team who can walk you through your options. During these tough times, we realize that you may be concerned about your budget which is why we offer a free quote for any one of our services. Don’t miss out on finding out about our other comprehensive cleaning services as well!

The leading benefit of utilizing UV lamps throughout your home or business is that they generally give off output for approximately 17,000 hours which means that you would not have to replace your light or lamp for about two years.  

Turn to the professionals

The professionals at All American Maintenance Facilities prides itself on providing our customers with the last options in UV light disinfection technology. We have gone to great lengths to provide our community with in-depth cleaning and disinfecting services as well as reliable options for UV lighting, especially during these troubling times. We provide you with a myriad of cleaning services using methods and products that have been approved by the EPA.

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