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Reasons Why LED Lighting Solutions Are Perfect for Small Businesses

What do LED lighting companies know that you don’t? Learn about the benefits here. Are your lighting costs escalating? Lighting is one of the leading high operating costs of commercial structures. If you have a small business and want to rein in high lighting costs, we have the solution. New advancements in lighting products, such … Read more

End of Summer Commercial HVAC Maintenance Tips

Conducting routine maintenance on your HVAC systems can go a long way to improving its efficiency. The summer months present the perfect opportunity to perform HVAC maintenance to ensure optimal performance for superior indoor comfort. With dependence on HVAC systems the most critical during peak usage times, performing HVAC maintenance on your air conditioner or … Read more

Save Your Business Money by Installing LED Lighting

Using LED Lighting for your business has numerous benefits. Finding ways to lessen a businesses’ overhead costs is critical to ensure the company can maintain profitability. One of the most efficient and cost-effective methods to cut overhead costs is to find how your utilities can be reduced. With 40% of a business’s electric bill coming … Read more

Green Building Initiative New Project Certifications

The Green Building Initiative (GBI) has announced a diverse list of recently completed construction projects in the institutional, commercial, and retail segments that have received Green Globes certification, according to GBI president Jerry Yudelson. “These projects represent several major new growth areas for Green Globes: retail, office, research, and higher education. We anticipate major growth … Read more

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