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In this age of a globalized economy and increased service demands it is imperative that companies maximize the efficiency of their resource use to stay profitable and competitive. As budgets and workforces are slashed in the name of increasing revenue it can be difficult to know when you are making the most effective use of your different assets. To allow your business to achieve its maximum potential AAFM offers comprehensive asset data management services. These customized solutions can help your company optimize your operational output, minimize total costs, and better function to meet your overall goals.

If you do not have an asset data management system or wish to improve your current system, the first question is: where to begin? Our astute project managers will work with you to analyze the needs and requirements of your company, its departments, as well your customers, in order to determine which aspects of your operation can be refined to maximize your efficiency and sustainability. We can then help you implement technology to register, track, and optimize the use of your assets. We can also assist in merging different existing data platforms, so that all of your information is on a single integrated interface so you can more easily monitor and control your various resources. Our asset data management solution can help your business:

  • Reduce Energy Use and Costs
  • Provide Increased Visibility and Control Over Critical Assets
  • Maximize the Use of Supplies and Decrease Procurement Costs
  • Quickly Generate Accurate Reports on Various System Functions
  • Identify Recurring Maintenance Needs and Minimize Maintenance Costs
  • Create Strategies to Increase Output
  • Increase User Friendliness of System Software

We have a national reach so no matter where you are, from Florida to Hawaii, or how many locations you have, we can help you manage your asset data. Our dedicated and reliable staff are available 24/7, 365 days a year, so you never have to worry about us not being there if you have an emergency. Whether you want to institute an asset data management system or upgrade your existing one, AAFM can work with you to accomplish your goals. We also offer a wide variety of other services, from commercial electrical services to turnkey construction. Call (855) 347-1613 now to speak with one of our insightful team members about what we can do to for you. Or go to our estimate page to get a service quote.

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