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At AAFM, we are equipped to perform a number of different jobs to keep your facilities in first-class shape so you can focus on running your business, from janitorial services to parking lot maintenance. With our owner and operator’s background as a master electrician and contractor, we are familiar with every facet of construction. With over 32 years in the industry, we are confident that we have the knowledge and experience to provide our clients with exactly what they ask for at a guaranteed and reasonable price. This is why we offer our turnkey construction services. By signing up for turnkey construction, you limit your risk by AAFM taking on full responsibility for any overages in budget that may occur throughout construction. This not only allows you the peace of mind that once you sign on the dotted line the agreed upon price will never increase, it also means that we have an extra incentive to finish the project promptly as time equals money, especially in the construction business.

With our nationwide reach, AAFM is the perfect solution for all of your construction needs. Whether your company is considering expanding your franchise into new regional markets, opening another office on the opposite side of the country, or if you are simply launching your first shop on a limited budget. We will work with you to design your dream facility from the ground up and turn your dreams into reality. Our mandatory client update system and committed project managers means you will always know precisely what stage we are at in our work and estimated completion times. With our extensive list of satisfied clients from Bank of America and Office Depot to Whole Foods and GNC, you can be sure you will always get a quality product from AAFM.

No matter where our customers are located throughout the country they have the convenience of being able to contact us 24/7, 365 days a year, through a single telephone number. Once your facility is up and running, we can continue to provide you with many different support services. Including emergency plumbing and electrical services, as well regularly scheduled roofing and landscape maintenance. Call (855) 347-1613 now to speak with one of our insightful team members or fill out an online estimate form to get a quote.

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